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Best extra virgin olive oil

Best extra virgin olive oil

The best extra virgin olive oil avoids unnatural processing and comes from the best environments. Evo3 products bring the health benefits and olive oil within reach of anyone used to store-bought products.

What is in my olive oil?

Not all oils are the same. Many manufacturers use food coloring to give the appearance of quality but include unwanted ingredients.

Sunflower seed oil is an incredibly common supplement within even extra virgin oils as it is a filler that is cheaper to produce. Over 20 percent of the oil you buy expecting pure olive oil may be cut with such fillers.

How do I know if my olive oil is pure?

Quality olive oil contains no added ingredients. It is relatively green instead of a lighter yellow.

Even if your product appears this way, you should still read the ingredients list. While marketing ploys may deceive you, the government still requires full disclosure of everything in the bottle. If the list is longer than one ingredient, you want to reconsider your purchase.

What are the benefits of extra virgin olive oil?

Pure oil is one of the best superfoods, providing over a dozen different health benefits. Olive oil is packed with healthy monosaturated fats and antioxidants.

Many people attribute the long lifespan of the Mediterranean people to a diet high in olive oil. This is partially true, especially when combined with other healthy foods.

Anti-inflammatory properties of olive oil

Olive oil is an anti-inflammatory product. Only 3.5 teaspoons of oil contain the same capability as 10 percent of an adult dose of ibuprofen, allowing you to move away from drugs.

Professionals contribute this property to the large amount of antioxidants present in extra virgin oil. If your product is cut, the benefit reduces significantly.

Replacing unhealthy oils with olive oil

In addition to being a superfood, olive oil is a multi-purpose product. PAM and vegetable oil are notoriously unhealthy.

Substitute low acidity olive oil for your baking and even frying needs. The wood taste of baked bread from your local bakery actually comes from this oil.

Where can I buy pure olive oil?

Evo3 offers quality oil around the world. We are available in stores in Texas or through our online distributors.

We bring the potency of the old world to your shelf, providing limited reserves with low acidity, one-liter tins for cooking, and even jams. Enter the world of olive oil tastings and healthier home cooking with us.

The best extra virgin olive oil

Reap the rewards of a healthy diet when combining quality ingredients and a nutritious diet with the use of olive oil. Evo3 products come direct from Greece where the olive plant is a part of our culture and harvesting started in ancient times.

It is little wonder that Greeks live long lives. We strive to help bring this healthy lifestyle to you.

Visit our website to find an online distributor or store near you providing our high-quality extra virgin olive oil.

Best extra virgin olive oil

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Best extra virgin olive oil Best extra virgin olive oil

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