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Crystal Light Thinking of buying Crystal Light? Be honest—it can be a hassle to mix this enhancer into your drink because it is in powder form. For all-natural water enhancer without the powdery mess, opt for H2wOw. Our liquid enhancer only contains 3 calories per serving. Check out our exciting product and delicious flavors on our website.  

With so many water enhancers in the market, including Crystal Light as well as other brands. The problem with most water enhancers is that they come in powdered form, which can be messy to prepare. They work fine if you’re just home, but what about if you are on a trip? Luckily, liquid water enhancers are now available. Just be sure to check the label of the bottle. Some liquid enhancers come with unnecessary ingredients, like artificial flavoring, artificial sweeteners, and even artificial colors. They might make your water tasty, but at what cost? Always read the list of ingredients. The point of water enhancer is to make your drinking water delicious but some go over the top and contain high amounts of sugar—sometimes more than what powdered juice drinks contain.
If you aren’t into powdered water enhancers like Crystal Light then try H2wOw. Our water enhancer is in a tidy little bottle. It is so easy to use—just shake a little bit and then squirt on your drink. Our customers find our product to be convenient, as they can take it along with them to work, to restaurants, to the gym, and even on trips.
Make your life easier while making your water tastier with H2wOw. Choose from 4 exciting flavors at reasonable prices here on our website. Watch our video to see the demonstration of how easy it is to use our water enhancers.

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