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From better tasting water to lower energy bills and higher performing
appliances, you’d be surprised at how many ways an EcoWater
filtration or softener system can improve your life.

Why EcoWater?

EcoWater wants to improve the health of your family’s water. From cleaning away contaminants with a water filtration system to replenishing your skin with a water softener system, EcoWater has the solution to enhance the taste and quality of your home’s water.

As our name implies, EcoWater is committed to using water responsibly – from the design and production process, to manufacturing one of the most efficient softener on the market today. But our responsibility and commitment extend to more than just water. After all, Eco was part of our name long before “green” became the global standard it is today.

Since our founder’s first patent in 1925, EcoWater has been dedicated to solving the challenges facing residential and commercial water supplies. Today, we continue to set the standard for the entire industry.

What We Can Get You


Home water softener solutions remove contaminants that cause hard water such as calcium, magnesium, sediment and iron from your home’s water sources. With these excess minerals removed, you will see less scale buildup on your home’s appliances, and your skin will feel softer. Let us diagnose your hard water problem and find a solution that best suits your home.


There are many home water solutions that tackle a specific water issue. EcoWater offers a water treatment system that can solve multiple water problems you may be experiencing. Reduce foul odors coming from your water and hardness with a water refining system. These systems reduce minerals and sediment to make your water not only soft, but also enjoyable to drink.


Tap water is convenient to use for drinking, cooking and cleaning. However, the threat of harmful contaminants in the water you use every day can’t be stopped at your city’s municipal center. Stop mineral deposits and other harmful contaminants from entering your water with a whole home system that fits right next to your water heater.


Safer water doesn’t have to come from expensive bottled water. You can get contaminant-free tap water for your home with our variety of purification systems. Under sink filtration is easy to store and install. It also ensures the water you’re consuming from your kitchen sink is safe and free of dissolved metals.


Monitor your home water treatment system at your fingertips with EcoWater’s advanced HydroLink® technology. This innovation helps you evaluate and identify potential problems with your water before they occur. Be proactive with your water and save yourself time and energy.


EcoWater is a leading edge commercial and industrial water treatment equipment manufacturer. We design and manufacture commercial and industrial water treatment systems for schools, hotels, apartments, health care facilities, manufacturers and other higher volume water users needing high quality water.


Does your water taste funny? Smell odd? Look, well….not normal? We can help.
Do you notice that your water seems “off”? If your water tastes metallic, smells like rotten eggs, or leaves spots and stains, you may have a water quality problem. Whether you’ve noticed one indication or several, or whether you haven’t noticed a problem but you want to find out for sure, our EcoWater Professionals are qualified to perform an easy and comprehensive in-home water analysis to recommend the right solution. Whether it is hard water treatment or a remedy for another water issue, stop worrying about “what’s in my water” and take action so you can get back to enjoying your water.

Let us get you the best water



We’ll tailor a solution to meet your unique needs, and handle everything from the installation of an under sink water filtration system to regular maintenance of your water softener. As being the Industry leader and one of the worlds largest manufacture of water treatment systems, we lead the world in water treatment innovations. Our water softener systems are designed to help you save money by using less energy and maximizing the life and efficiency of your appliances.



Our solutions are designed with the highest levels of efficiency in mind — reducing the amount of salt, energy and water consumed, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and are carbon neutral. Also, the use of our products helps reduce the number of plastic water bottles that end up in the landfill, saving you money and safeguarding our environment.


Whether you’re a growing family with thirsty kids, building your retirement home, or need to remove contaminants from municipal or well water supplies, EcoWater has a solution that’s right for you.

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