Improve Water Quality While Reducing Your Energy Bill

Eco Water’s unique water softening technology improves your home’s water, reduces energy consumption and protects your skin and clothing.

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You Can Avoid The Inconveniences of Hard Water

Eco Water’s Softeners improve water quality


Prevent Clogged Pipes

Our water softeners will reduce the mineral buildup in your home’s pipes, prolonging its lifespan and providing cleaner, healthier water.


Increase Clothing Lifespan

Hard water reduces wear your clothing 15% more than soft water. In other words, it reduces the time you have to enjoy your favorite shirt.


Improve Skin Health

Hard water gets stuck in you pores, causing dry skin and hair. Our softener eliminate that problem, and help you save on expensive skin care products.


One Tank System

A single tank or cabinet-style system requires less space because the softener’s brine tank nests inside of the salt tank.




Two Tank System

A two-tank system has a separate salt tank, and provides more options for the hard water capacity of the unit.

How Can I Tell If My Home Suffers From Hardwater?

Detecting these issues on time can help you prevent troubles in the future


Soap Scum & Lime Buildup

If you see any white stains on your bathroom after cleanup, its an indication of hard water presence.


Spots or Stains on Glassware

Are there some whites stains or spots on your “clean” glass? Hard water is keeping your washing machine to do its job properly.


Dry Skin

If you feel constant dryness of your skin or hair after taking a bath, see this as a clear sign of hard water. Mineral residue sticks to your skin and prevents your pores from breathing.

Let Us Help You Choose the Right System

In order to make the right purchasing decision, you need to know your water first. A close examination of your water by our team can help you take the best decision for your health and your wallet.

Is It Worth Giving Us a Shot?

See What People are Saying

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“Professional, positive and quick”

We bought our water softener a year ago From EcoWater systems through Costco.  

Kevin Rankins helped us through the process and was very professional,  positive,  and quick.   Answered all our questions before we even thought of them.

Love the monitoring service of this system too!  

Thank you Kevin!

Robert H.

“Quick response and friendly staff”

“Customer service and great tasting water!  Had water softener fixed and replaced filters – quick response and friendly staff.”


“The softener is great”

The softener is great. Water feels smooth and our hair and skin feel clean and moisturized. No more hard water spots, no dry skin, clothes feel like new after being washed and they are lasting longer.”

Jordan W.


"They did a great job on installation"

We’ve had our Ecowater softener and RO system for several years, and we’re just as happy with it now as we were when it was first installed!  We’re grateful for the lack of hard water stains on our shower glass, and we absolutely love our filtered water!  They did a great job on installation, and the customer service to replace filters, etc., has been exceptional.”



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